Loeske Kruuk Group

Our research aims to understand how natural selection and evolution shape the biological diversity seen in wild animal populations. The work focuses mainly on the long-term studies of red deer on the Isle of Rum in NW Scotland and superb fairy wrens in south-eastern Australia, but has also involved studies on several other vertebrate populations. I am based in Edinburgh, but currently funded by an Australian Research Council Future fellowship through the Australian National University, Canberra.

*** New Book ***

Quantitative Genetics in the Wild, Edited by Anne Charmantier, Dany Garant, and Loeske E. B. Kruuk
Oxford University Press 2014

Quantitative Genetics in the Wild


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Group Members


Field Assistants

  • Ali Morris (fieldworker on Rum red deer)
  • Sean Morris (fieldworker on Rum red deer)
  • Jill Pilkington (fieldworker on St Kilda Soay sheep)


Previous Members