Superb fairy wren

*** Opportunities open: postdoc and PhD positions

Postdoc position at the Australian National University:

I will shortly be advertising a 36-month postdoc position on "Evolution of mating patterns in a cooperative songbird".

More information soon, or just contact me.


PhD projects at the Australian National University:

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following PhD projects (or anything similar that would fit with my research interests). Funding is available for Australian and international PhD students.

Ageing in a social environment : life-history variation in an Australian passerine

Supervisors: Loeske Kruuk and Andrew Cockburn


The effects of social environment on sexual selection in an invasive fish species

Supervisors: Loeske Kruuk and Michael Jennions


The effects of climate change on Australian bird species

Supervisors:  Janet Gardner and Loeske Kruuk